The Leadership Skills Motherhood Taught Me

Motherhood is a dynamic landscape of glorified baby steps, internalized frustrations filled with laughter, and ugly-crying at the sweetest milestones being met. I am still on the frontier of my journey with a three year-old, Moriah. If you stick around, you’ll hear more stories about her. It is certainly a privilege to be Moriah’s mom. The one thing I can admit I did as a new mom ignore this one fact about motherhood. It establishes skills for conquering the marketplace with creative force that’s unmatched. I didn’t want to believe it because mapping out a path to follow was too daunting. “This is simply a role,” I thought, “a title that I act out.” Yet, I encountered a lot of warning signs, or high-strung doubt from people who simple didn’t map out an approach it. People approached it as if it’s the end of a life that’s so worthy to be attached too. That’s where the courage to live our my truth drives me. I made it my mission to prove that there’s more to motherhood than fickle memories of generational mistakes and paralyzing fear of the “worst that can ever happen.” I mean, I was warned about the people who might’ve projected their fears onto me but it was funnier in person.

Now that Moriah is older, it’s been a joy learning leadership, spiritual discipline, and self-care through her. She’s taught me to prioritize based on the hours in the day I have, and to remember who’s truly always boss. I made it my mission to get active with her and to meet her at her level in order to see how she solves complex milestones on her own. Being a freelancer made it practical to apply these skill sets to multimedia production copywriting for a media company, .

The Skills

  1. Time Management
    1. There is only 12 hours of daylight to truly get a list of errands done with a child. This is when I truly learned the art of prioritizing the hours. Everything takes longer the older they get. I don’t know what it is about preschoolers and getting them in a carseat by a certain time, with clothes on, but they give college students a run for their money. The improvement of this area is evident in my daughter’s discipline. The structure I established with my daughter started from the moment I brought her home. It is like my diving board as I venture into building my business and establishing myself as a professional. I cannot be lackluster about prioritizing my time. Although I’ve never been a fan of routine or monotony, I do recognize the benefits of sticking to a schedule regardless of what is happening around me. This taught me that there is a time for everything.
  2. Executive Decision Making
    1. I know that I wouldn’t be determined to be a better parent without the guidance God, or my elders. So many traditional stigmas come into play when a 25YO, married woman with child is still figuring herself out as well. However, this notion that a woman has to stay home, with child, and NOT have time for herself is slowing turning into a dying myth. I’ve decided that instead of being frantic of what choices I make, I will enthusiatically make the decision and it will be final. This has helped me wonders with collaborating with other creatives because meanwhile others might shy away from speaking up, I’ve learned that if I don’t say anything, I cannot lead by example to teach my daughter to be assure of her decisions either.
  3. Complex and Creative Problem Solving
    1. Blending the tasks of motherhood with freelance media production worked better than simply balancing them because it has boosted my confidence as well as refreshed my resume. My means of creating are so unconventional, exciting, and passion-driven; but truthfully, often forced by the last minute meltdowns almost every moms faces. The time I have set for creating cannot interfere with anything else. Same like the time I am spending with my daughter cannot be compromised. What I learn from her through playtime has added to the quality of  my life. That’s because

I encourage your to share this with every mother you know. I am a learner and good listener. And I can offer virtual hugs.

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